Join the movement to share the message "I am enough", "You are Enough", "We all are enough"


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"I Am Enough"

The three powerful words that ignited my self discovery journey. Loving and accepting, who I am.

- Kimberley Murphy, Founder

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Our New Zealand made clothing serves as a daily reminder to love yourself and seize your divine right to be treasured for who you are.

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Stories Of Self-Discovery, Self-love and Acceptance


My journey of, lack of self worth, lack of confidence all stemmed from one thing in my life... Being adopted.

Why was I not wanted?  An overwhelming fear of rejection, that I was never good enough

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‘I am enough’; A simple phrase that has taught me so much. Learning to accept myself, and learning to understanding this simple phrase in its fullness has made me a better friend, a better colleague, a better daughter and sister.

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To authentic self, higher self, god and community


Continual yearning for growth while being grounded knowing who you are and your divine worth


Being confident in one's ability to take inspired action and inspire and uplift one another