Katie's Story

'I am enough’; A simple phrase that has taught me so much. Learning to accept myself, and learning to understanding this simple phrase in its fullness has made me a better friend, a better colleague, a better daughter and sister. The better we get at extending kindness, acceptance, and compassion to ourselves, the better we get at extending it to others, too. The things that I do no longer come from a place of insecurity and insufficiency, but rather one of wholeness. I spent too many years of my life basing my self-worth and identity on success and superficial things; forgetting that my worth is inherent, and actually not related to achievement, appearance, or external recognition.  Learning how to manage my expectations of myself has helped me to remember that I am just as worthy in my highest peaks as I am in your lowest valleys. I know now that regardless of my ability, capacity, or appearance, I am enough. I have always been enough, and will always be enough.