Ignite the power within 6 week transformational program

Ignite the power within 6 week transformational program

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Are ready to make a positive transformational change in their life? 

You are invited to join Ignite Womens' empowerment circle where you will be guided along a 6 week transformational journey kicking off on MONDAY 26th APRIL 2021.

Who this program suited for?  Women who are

Struggling in life, feeling emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually depleted?

Feeling stuck or feeling like you are in a VOID and not quite sure what to do about it?

Always putting others before themselves to point that you don’t know who you are anymore?

At a point in life where you feel lost and not quite sure what steps to take to move forward?

Feeling alone?

Feeling like there is something more for you to do in life but just can’t put your finger on it?

‘Ignite the power within’ 6 week program is where we will dive into

Tuning into what it is that you want, shifting your focus on YOU without the guilt

Tapping into that source, the light within you, your higher self, which is all knowing, filled with knowledge and wisdom

Becoming more intimate with self

Clearing all those fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, letting them go and surrendering them to the universe


Creating the vision for your desired life

Anchoring into those feelings of your heart desires knowing and feeling that you are absolutely enough, worthy and deserving

Instilling confidence within you to take aligned actionable steps towards your desires

You will be provided with the tools, processes and practices that you can apply consistently to help you start creating the life that you desire that ignites YOU!

A safe space will be opened up to allow you to fully trust in the process and seek the answers you are seeking so you can move forward with confidence.

Love & Light