🌑Setting intentions with the power and energy of the new moon🌑

🌑Setting intentions with the power and energy of the new moon🌑

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Workshop for women feel they are hitting roadblocks in finding their true journey to fulfilment.

Come join me for a fun "girls night out"🥂👠 in the comfort of your own home where I will be sharing with you a monthly ritual that has helped me power forward with my desires, dreams and visions, release everything that no longer serves me and trust in the universe that whatever transpires is for my highest good.

Manifest your dreams using the moon's energy.

I will be sharing how we as women can set intentions with the new moon, using the moon's power and energy to help manifest our desires, visions and dreams that are aligned with our soul truth.

It is a powerful practice that anyone can implement and can be amplified within a collective group.  It is a time to reflect, evaluate and start with a clean slate going forward into the next month.

If you are curious I invite you to come join me as I share and guide you through the process.  A snippet is of what I will guiding you through is a

🌿Cleansing process to open the heart

🧘 Meditation to get into a calming and peaceful state and to open the heart space

✍️Intention process

🌌surrendering process

🧘 Turning it all over to the universe/higher being

If you feel this will help you get where you need to be, sign up and you will be sent the zoom link as well as instructions about the event and items that you will need to have present on the night.

I can't wait for you to join me!!


Love & Light


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